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Compact, High Performance Turbine Ventilator

The Ventway Sparrow is one of the leading EMS and transport ventilators on the market today. Its extremely compact and hardy design, teamed with its high performance, put it in the ranks of the best portable ventilators on the market today. The Ventway is impact resistant, relatively inexpensive & doesn't require compressed air, making it ideal for tactical teams. This ventilator has also been highly recommended for chronic life support ventilation in COVID-19 patients.

ventway sparrow medetac ventilator covid
"The Ventway Sparrow is an extremely compact & efficient ventilator, suited to the field, for patients in transit, & in ICU. I've yet to see on the market a more simple to use, portable machine for such use."
Prof. David Linton
Former Head of ICU,
Hadasa Ein Kerem Hospital, Jerusalem

Ventilators are often hefty and expensive pieces of equipment, and most often rely on compressed air, meaning they are bulky and impractical for ems and field medics. The Ventway Sparrow solves these problems, as it is a lightweight, portable ventilator, that doesn't rely on compressed air, and is also a relatively inexpensive ventilator. In the COVID 19 era a ventilator of this kind can make a tremendous difference to the healthcare system's ability to treat a large influx of patients. It also means that combat medics are able to vastly improve the level of care that they provide in the field before patients are hospitalized.

  • Lightweight - Compact, light and easy to carry 

  • Multifunction - Suitable for field, ambulance, and hospital use

  • Maintenance free - Incredibly durable, only requiring periodic filter replacement

  • Night vision - Compatible with night vision goggles

  • Energy flexible - Can be connected to a power outlet, or used with rechargeable and non-rechargeable batteries

  • COVID 19 Compliant - Provides effective ventilation for patients in critical condition

  • Works independently - Does not require compressed air

  • Impact resistant - Designed to handle the inevitable bumps


  • Tough casing - Unbreakable yet lightweight transport and storage case for even the harshest environments

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