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Memo ETC02 Capnograph

This battery powered mini capnograph is a highly accurate and compact solution suitable for tactical and ems teams. It was designed for mainstream CO2 monitoring of adult, pediatric and infant patients. It can also connect to your smartphone via an app which allows caregivers to monitor their patients from a distance. The Memo ETCo2 Capnograph comes highly recommended as an effective and affordable means for monitoring  Covid-19 patients.

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"The Memo capnograph is a game changer for caregivers looking for a hardy, space efficient, affordable, and accurate capnograph solution."
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  • Capnogram - continuous and real time capnogram of ETCo2 values

  • Easy to use - Simple interface for easy set up and operation

  • Audio and visual alarms - alarms sound for no breath detected, no adapter, to check adapter connection, and adjustable high and low ETCo2 reading alarm.

  • Battery operated - Requires two standard AAA lithium batteries

  • Rapid Measurement- Ready to measure within 5 seconds, with end tidal co2 value shown after the first breath, and respiratory rate value shown after the second breath, and thereafter updating its reading after every breath.

  • Reliability - It is built with NDIR infrared technology, and performs a functional self check every time it is turned on.

  • Hard-wearing design - It has a tough, durable, shock resistant, and water resistant design to provide the user with a reliable monitor in the tactical field.

  • Airway Adapter - It quickly and  directly connects to endotracheal tubes, face masks, and laryngeal masks via the airway adapter. There are 2 types of disposable airway adapters, the adult / pediatric and the neonatal adapter.

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