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MedeTac offers the most advanced standard of medical simulation teemed with realistically staged  scenarios to provide trainees with the highest level of experiential training.  Realistic training drills are proven to drastically improve the skills and confidence of medics, allowing them react fast and treat efficiently under pressure.


Adam-x trauma manikin tccc Medetac.jpg


Imagine a manikin which bleeds, breathes, blinks and reacts to treatment. MedeTac, has joined forces with Medical-X, the creators of the world's most advanced patient simulation technology. Using the Adam-X high fidelity trauma manikin, our trainees get unmatched procedural experience.

tourniquet simulation tactical medical t


We bring the smoke, the noise, the dirt, and the blood. MedeTac goes the distance to create realistic scenarios using lighting, sound, smoke, and countless gallons of fake blood and special effects makeup. In addition to realistic patient simulators, we use a range of wearable  prosthetic injuries, from bullet wounds to breaks and severed limbs.

medical simulation ambulance tccc laviv


Simulation ambulances were designed to offer medical, military, and security teams the chance to experience treating multi-casualty events in a realistic setting. Ambulances are equipped with full ICU equipment, allowing for comprehensive procedural training, as well as technology to track the actions of care providers.

TCCC simulated drill escape room.png


In addition to creating realistic scenarios in the field, we also work with various escape room facilities in Israel to offer a variety of controlled immersive training experiences. By using the escape room model we're able to produce high intensity drill exercises where team work and tactical thinking is developed, and every participant has the opportunity to treat a series of the most threatening injuries. 

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