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The Mini CO2 Monitor That's a COVID-19 Essential

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Co2 monitoring is a standard part of the treatment of COVID-19 patients, but full size capnograph monitors are bulky and come with a hefty pricetag.

Capnomed have devised a fully functional, and 100% accurate, capnograph monitor that fits into the palm of your hand. The best part of this nifty device is that it let's you monitor your patient from a distance, connecting via an app to your smartphone.

This Co2 Monitor is Small, Easy to Use, & a Lifesaver

The Memo ETCo2 Capnograph is incredibly lightweight, and attaches very easily to endotracheal tubes, face masks, or laryngeal masks, to monitor Co2 output.

It's a simple device comprised of a carbon dioxide sensor that fits on top of a disposable airway adapter, but its size makes it unlike any other capnograph monitor. EMS or hospital staff can simply clip the device onto a patient's airtubes, and within 5 seconds get a clear picture of their respiratory state in real time.

Why is the Memo ETCo2 Capnograph Useful for COVID-19 Patients?

The power of the Memo ETCo2 Capnograph is in it's speed, accuracy, size, and pricetag. For those reasons, it is fast becoming an essential tool for caregivers who are encountering more and more patients with compromised respiratory systems due to COVID-19.

The fact that the canograph is wireless, and it can monitor patients at a distance, means further limiting unnecessary contact between patients and caregivers, while still having a real time view of their Co2 levels, plus alarms to notify you if anything changes. For caregivers who are busy with multiple patients, this makes monitoring their patients far easier.

The low cost also means that more patients have access to efficient Co2 monitoring, and can receive more timeous treatment.

For more info, Read the product specs here, or visit the Medetac store to Order Your Memo ETCo2 Capnograph Today

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