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Is SAM IO the Best IO Access System for Tactical Use?

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

IO solutions have improved a lot over the last few years, but in a tactical setting, we have unique, and oftentimes higher expectations of product performance. Intraosseous injection is an extremely efficient means of vascular access, and when IV access isn’t possible, we rely on it for a quick and accurate means of administering critical meds and fluids.

Our goal was to find a field tested io solution that performs in a tactical setting, meaning low weight, hardy, reliable, and suitable for difficult terrain.

When we came across the SAM IO, and put it to the test, we knew we had found a winner. This FDA approved io driver and needle system is a game changer, and if you compare it to its competitors it's hard not to agree.

Let's Compare: SAM IO vs EzIO vs NIO

The differences between the SAM IO, and its two leading competitors, the EzIO and NIO, are many. For this reason we broke it down into a table for you to get a clearer picture of how it compares.

What's the best io access system SAM IO vs EzIO vs NIO

IO Driver Durability & Longevity

The mere fact that it’s half the weight of EzIO, and lasts approximately 14 times longer, was just the start. SAM Medical have completely revolutionized intraosseous access with a cost effective io drill that is reusable and 100% mechanical - meaning zero reliance on battery function, maximum durability to elements, and a far longer lasting product.

One Light-Weight Driver, With Multiple Needles

In the field, we don’t have the luxury of carrying added weight, nor the extra space, so it's extremely valuable to have a system that's smaller in size, and only weighs 70 grams - that's half the weight of the EzIO.

There is also a single io driver for all types of needle placement, and all ages of patient, only requiring you to carry a supply of interchangeable needles, which come in 15mm, 25mm, and 45mm lengths. This eliminates the need to carry excess backup devices, saving you even more space.

Cost Effectiveness

The product developers at SAM Medical took it a step further by designing a useful adapter that makes the SAM IO driver and intraosseous needles completely compatible with other brands. So if you’ve already invested in a driver, you can still benefit from the more cost effective io needles, and vice versa.

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